Hello World!

Hello World!

I am starting my developer blog!


Welcome to my new developer blog! My name is Anja and I want to introduce myself! As a creative full-stack developer for almost 6 years, I have always been interested in finding new and innovative ways to solve problems and build software. In this blog, I plan to share my experiences, insights, and tips for other developers who are looking to tap into their creativity and become more well-rounded professionals.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of technologies, including languages such as C#, Python, and JavaScript, as well as frameworks like React, React Native, Angular, Express.js, and Node.js. Each of these technologies has its own unique strengths and capabilities, and I have enjoyed the challenge of learning and mastering them.


As a full-stack developer, I have the unique opportunity to work on both the front-end and back-end of web and software applications. This requires a diverse set of skills, including proficiency in programming languages as well as a strong understanding of database design and server-side technologies.

However, being a full-stack developer is about more than just technical expertise. It also requires creativity, adaptability, and the ability to think outside the box. In my experience, incorporating a creative mindset into my work as a developer has helped me to come up with unique solutions to challenging problems and to continuously learn and grow as a professional.

In addition to my full-time job, I also work on my own software company side hustle. As a developer, I always want to learn new things and be on the cutting edge of technology. Since I also like to draw in my free time besides developing, I am a very creative person who has a sense for good and appealing application designs.

Main points

In this blog, I plan to cover a variety of topics related to being a creative full-stack developer. This will include:

  • Tips for staying up to date with the latest technologies and best practices

  • Strategies for incorporating creativity into your work as a developer

  • Become a productive developer using effective time management techniques

  • Personal case studies of projects where I have used my creativity to solve problems or build something new

  • Advice for other developers looking to improve their skills and become more well-rounded professionals


I hope you will join me on this journey as I share my experiences and insights as a creative full-stack developer. Whether you are just starting in your career or are an experienced professional looking to expand your skills, I believe there is always something new to learn and ways to grow as a developer.

Questions for discussion

As I will continue to publish content on this blog, I want to make sure that I am covering topics that are of interest to you! With that in mind, I would love to hear from you about the topics you would like to see me write about. Please share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below!

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